Matt Riddle Recalls Attending Cannabis Party At Playboy Mansion With WWE HOFer

Matt Riddle revealed his most significant wrestling influences during a Q&A session at the "For the Love of Wrestling" convention in Manchester, England. According to the former WWE Superstar, Kurt Angle's submission holds, and Rob Van Dam's kicks inspired his own in-ring style. Afterward, he recalled meeting RVD for the first time, and to the surprise of no one in attendance, he revealed that it was at a legalized cannabis party at the Playboy Mansion. 

"We're all there, and I'm in the grotto, and I see Rob Van Dam walk by, and I'm like, 'No way, Rob Van Dam!' Of course Rob looks at me; I don't think he knows who I am. I just got off The Ultimate Fighter, and he goes, 'You're Matt Riddle, that fighter dude.' I was like, 'No way you know who I am,' and then we hung out, partied, and had fun."

At the time of the convention, Riddle's match with Van Dam at Big Time Wrestling's The Reunion 3 event had yet to take place, but when a fan asked Riddle if he would prefer to face Van Dam or team up with him, he said both. "I think every good team, you've got to fight first," Riddle said. "If we were to team up, I would like to go against probably The Young Bucks...that's probably a really good match." Immediately after their recent match, Riddle and Van Dam got to team up, taking on TNA Wrestling legends America's Most Wanted.

Matt Riddle was released by WWE in 2023 and has since competed for NJPW and MLW. Meanwhile, RVD has been making appearances on AEW television in recent months.

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