Britt Baker Comments On The Evolution Of Her AEW Relationship With Tony Schiavone

Britt Baker's heel persona was a key part of AEW's COVID-19 era, and a big element of her character getting over was her connection with Tony Schiavone. Initially starting out as her berating and bullying the popular commentator, the two created a genuine bond on-screen, which turned into a legitimate friendship between Baker and Schiavone. Tony Khan recalled originally thinking the partnership between them would be really cool.

"You can't talk about Dr. Britt Baker without talking about Tony Schiavone," Khan said to "SXSW." "That started... I had said if there was ever a group of fans that you could really get some heat by talking about how Tony Schiavone was working at Starbucks, and try to make it sound like there was anything wrong with that."

That moment initially took place on the Jericho Cruise, where Khan felt there would be hardcore fans who knew Schiavone legitimately worked for the coffee franchise. Schiavone then played a big part in getting Baker over, while she and Khan also credit Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, and Cody Rhodes for helping her carve out the gimmick behind the scenes.

"We talk every single day on the phone. The group of people that Tony mentioned that helped me with my heel transition, it never would have worked without them," Baker said. "We had some great ideas, and we had some bad ones, and we all worked together, and at the time, that was one of all the best acts in All Elite Wrestling, and maybe all of wrestling. I never would have done that without all of these guys."

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