Why Former WWE Star Mandy Rose Calls NXT The Highlight Of Her Career

While many WWE stars spend their time in NXT waiting for a spot on the main roster, some of the company's main roster performers wind up finding creative fulfillment once they're back on the developmental brand. Count former WWE star Mandy Sacs (AKA Mandy Rose) among those wrestlers, as revealed during a recent interview for Monopoly Events.

"[NXT] was the highlight of my career because I think gaining the respect from my fans, ... putting in the work, I humbled myself," Sacs said. "I didn't take that call and get negative. I just took it like this is a new opportunity for me."

Sacs also described the process of first signing with WWE, revealing that it was a third party that put her in touch with the promotion. Despite not originally looking to become a wrestler, it worked out for Sacs in the long run.

"I was competing for bodybuilding and fitness competitions, and I was basically recruited through an agency, I guess, for the reality show 'Tough Enough,'" Sacs said. "I made my way up, and I worked hard and trained, and I actually fell in love with the business."

Throughout her time with WWE, Sacs moved from NXT to the main roster and eventually back. She was also part of several tag teams and groups across her run, including a team with Sonya Deville and the Toxic Attraction stable with Jacey Jayne and Gigi Dolin.

Despite her popularity, Sacs was released by WWE in 2022 under a cloud of controversy, hours after ending a 413-day run with the "WWE NXT" Women's Championship. WWE was said to have released Sacs due to adult-oriented content she was creating on a third-party platform. Since being let go, Sacs has continued to find success outside of wrestling and doesn't yet have the itch to return.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Monopoly Events with a h/t to Rllegends for the transcription.