WWE NXT Results 3/19 - Trick Williams Takes On Noam Dar, Heritage Cup Match And More

Welcome to Rllegends's results for "WWE NXT" on March 19, 2024, coming to you live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida!

Last week's episode of "NXT" ended in explosive fashion when Noam Dar and his Meta-Four stablemate Oro Mensah found themselves involved in a physical altercation with Trick Williams before he shared a kiss with Lash Legend. Tonight, Dar and Williams look to settle their issues as the two go one-on-one.

As per the Catch Clause, one member of No Quarter Catch Crew will be defending the "NXT" Heritage Cup as they defend against Chase U' Riley Osborne. Osborne and NQCC found themselves face-to-face last week in a heated verbal exchange backstage.

Two tag team matches are set for tonight, as The Good Brothers take on Hank Walker and Tank Ledger, and No Quarter Catch Crew squares off with Nathan Frazer and Axiom. The competitors who emerge victorious in both matches will join LWO in a Triple Threat Number One Contenders match to determine who will challenge The Wolf Dogs for the "NXT" Tag Team Championship at "NXT" Stand & Deliver next month.

Roxanne Perez has shown a new, more aggressive side to her personality as of late, blindsiding "NXT" Women's Champion Lyra Valkyria with an attack at "NXT" Roadblock following her and Tatum Paxley's match against The Kabuki Warriors for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. After attempting to attack Perez last week, Paxley has her chance to seek retribution as she squares off with her.

Additionally, Oba Femi has something on his mind to share after successfully defending his North American Championship against Brooks Jensen last week. Tony D'Angelo also has something on his mind to share after leaving "NXT" Champion Ilja Dragunov on a bridge last week, and Brinley Reece will be returning to televised competition for the first time since coming up short against Kiana James on the February 13 edition of "NXT" as she collides with Sol Ruca.

We are live! Vic Joseph and Booker T greet audiences at home as Roxanne Perez makes her way down to the ring. Tatum Paxley follows.

Roxanne Perez vs. Tatum Paxley

Perez wastes no time and attacks Paxley on the ramp. She sends her face bouncing off the ring apron, then gets her inside the ring.

The bell sounds, and Paxley fires off right hands on Perez in the corner. She lands a dropkick on Perez, but Perez plants her in the center of the ring and stomps on her. She whips Paxley in the corner, then executes a Side Russian Leg Sweep and stomps on Paxley's face. She begins targeting Paxley's arm and wearing it down before Paxley responds with a forearm and a dropkick. She follows it up with an enzuigiri and charges at Perez in the corner, but Perez moves out of the way. Paxley then sends Perez's head bouncing off her knee and plants her, but Perez manages to land Pop Rox. She then locks in a crossface, and Paxley taps.

Winner: Roxanne Perez

After the match, Perez calls for a mic and says it's been a week. She says she's not waiting any longer, then calls Ava to the ring and demands that the "NXT" General Manager put the "NXT" Women's Championship on her.

Lyra Valkyria's music hits, and she marches down to the ring. She begins brawling with Perez, and Paxley tries helping Valkyria out. Perez sends Valkyria crashing into Paxley and locks in a crossface on Valkyria. Officials run down to the ring to pull Perez off Valkyria, and Perez stands tall as she holds up Valkyria's title.

We then head backstage to Meta-Four and see Noam Dar chat with Oro Mensah about his upcoming match against Trick Williams as Lash Legend seemingly swoons over Williams. They then run into Alpha Academy.

Back from the break, we see Ava approach Valkyria as she's being checked on in the medical office. The medical official says Valkyria is cleared, and Valkyria demands that Ava make a "NXT" Women's Championship match between her and Perez at "NXT" Stand & Deliver official for Stand & Deliver, and Ava agrees.

Oba Femi Gets New Challengers For The North American Championship

Josh Briggs then grabs a mic at ringside and enters the ring. He says Oba Femi is about to come out and talk about how he defeated Brooks Jensen last week. He says he's angry that Femi beat down Jensen with a smile on his face, then calls Femi down to the ring and challenges him to try and put him through the ring.

Femi's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He says he relishes the idea of testing a man's limits and pushing them to the edge, then says there's no place for emotion when he steps through the ropes. He says all that matters is results, and his results speak for themselves. He gives Briggs props for being a man of courage.

Briggs says Femi walks around with confidence and thinks he's the baddest dude in "NXT", but like everyone else, he ends up meeting someone just a little bit tougher. Briggs introduces himself to Femi as the "man of mayhem", then challenges Femi to a North American Championship match. Femi agrees, but tells Briggs not to say he didn't warn him.

Dijak's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He tells Femi that he promised that he would be the man waiting for him, and says Femi either forgot or has been ducking him. Briggs tells Dijak that this is between him and Femi, and Femi interrupts them. He says it's him and everyone else.

Briggs, Dijak, and Femi then begin brawling. Femi clotheslines Briggs out of the ring before officials run down to break things up.

Nathan Frazer and Axiom then make their way down to the ring. No Quarter Catch Crew follows. 

No Quarter Catch Crew (w/ Drew Gulak and Damon Kemp) vs. Nathan Frazer and Axiom

Charlie Dempsey and Axiom begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. They go back and forth, taking turns locking one another in submission holds. Frazer tags in and lands a kick on Dempsey. Axiom follows suit with a baseball dropkick, but Myles Borne tags in. Frazer lands a single leg dropkick on Borne, but Frazer clotheslines Borne out of the ring. Axiom delivers a kick to Dempsey's chest on the opposite side of the ring before he and Frazer fly to level both Dempsey and Borne on the outside. Axiom delivers a crossbody to Borne, but Borne catches him and tags in Dempsey.

Back from the break, Axiom looks to fly off the middle rope. Dempsey catches him and plants him with a T-Bone suplex, then exchanges chops with Axiom. Frazer and Borne tag in, and Frazer delivers a double dropkick to both Borne and Dempsey. He follows it up with a running Shooting Star Press to Dempsey, then ascends to the top and looks to fly. Borne moves out of the way, and Frazer then looks to fly from the apron. Borne catches Frazer with a powerslam mid-air, then delivers a spinning powerslam. He goes for a pin, but Axiom sends Dempsey crashing into them to break the fall.

Axiom tags in and delivers a double enzuigiri to Borne with Frazer. Frazer tags back in and Axiom delivers a Spanish Fly to Borne off the top. Frazer follows it up with a Phoenix Splash and pins Borne for the win as Axiom lands a dropkick on Dempsey to prevent him from breaking the fall.

Winner: Nathan Frazer and Axiom

We then head over to a video posted to the "NXT" Anonymous account of Von Wagner and Mr. Stone arguing over Wagner carrying Stone out of the Performance Center and helping him last week.

Back at ringside, Sol Ruca makes her way out. 

Back from the break, we see Alpha Academy come face-to-face with Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin. Maxxine Dupri challenges Breakker and Corbin to a tag team match on behalf of Akira Tozawa and Otis next week, with the catch being if Tozawa and Otis win, then they get added to the "NXT" Tag Team Championship match at Stand & Deliver. The Wolf Dogs accept.

Back at ringside, Brinley Reece, Edris Enofe, and Malik Blade make their way down.

Brinley Reece (w/ Edris Enofe and Malik Blade) vs. Sol Ruca

The bell rings and the two lock up. They take turns locking one another in submission holds before Ruca delivers a facebuster. Reece lands a pair of clotheslines on Ruca, then follows it up with a bodyslam and a handspring clothesline. She gets Ruca up on her shoulders, but Ruca escapes. Ruca then pulls Reece off the middle rope, then delivers a pair of shoulder tackles and a double underhook suplex. Reece sends Ruca crashing into the corner and charges at her. Ruca ducks out of the way, and Reece is sent crashing into the ring post shoulder first. Ruca then delivers the Sol Snatcher for the win.

Winner: Sol Ruca

After the match, Blair Davenport blindsides Ruca from behind.

Back from the break, we see Arianna Grace begin training Gigi Dolin to be 'more of a lady', and gives her a sash of her own.

Back at ringside, The Family makes their way down.

We Hear From Tony D'Angelo and The Family

D'Angelo says the biggest Stand & Deliver will be two weeks from now, and he will get his shot at the "NXT" Championship. He says The Family is currently expanding, and explains that he brought Luca Crusifino into The Family because of his law and sociology degrees.

D'Angelo says Ilja Dragunov knows that wisdom equals power, and calls for the audience to give a round of applause to his new consigliere. Crusifino pledges his allegiance to The Family before D'Angelo addresses Dragunov.

D'Angelo says he respects Dragunov's mother for moving him from Russia and what Dragunov does for his own family, but he's shown that he's the man to break the unbreakable.

Dragunov appears on the Titan Tron and says D'Angelo left him on a bridge last week with nothing but his own thoughts. He says D'Angelo can feel the "NXT" Championship in his grasp, but the title has more power beyond his reach. D'Angelo says that Dragunov has it all wrong, and tells him he has no idea what he can do. He says there's plenty of opportunity between now and Stand & Deliver, then informs Dragunov he has a match against Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo next week. He questions what shape Dragunov will be in when he gets there, and promises that one wrong move on Dragunov's behalf will make him wish he never messed with him.

We then head backstage and see Thea Hail apologize to Riley Osborne about not being herself on their date. He asks Osborne if they can still be friends, and Osborne says that goes without saying. He leaves for his upcoming match, and Andre Chase and Duke Hudson congratulate her on the conversion. All four of them then make their way out to ringside. No Quarter Catch Crew follows. 

Drew Gulak (w/ No Quarter Catch Crew) (c.) vs. Riley Osborne (w/ Chase U) for the NXT Heritage Cup

Round one begins, and the two lock up. They take turns locking one another in submission holds before they land monkey flips on one another. Osborne then executes an arm drag, but Gulak catches him with an overhand chop. Osborne then delivers a knee off the bottom rope to Gulak and ascends to the top. He then delivers a moonsault to Gulak to score a fall.

Round One: Gulak 0-1 Osborne

Round two kicks off, and Gulak rolls out of the ring. He encounters Chase U on the outside, and Osborne takes advantage. He flies to level Gulak, then ascends to the middle rope and lands a crossbody. Gulak rolls through and pins Osborne, but Osborne kicks out and lands a dropkick. He then flies, but Gulak rolls him up to score a fall of his own.

Round Two: Gulak 1-1 Osborne

Back from the break, Gulak has a submission hold cinched in on Osborne. Osborne escapes and delivers an enzuigiri, then flies off the ropes. Gulak then locks Osborne in a sleeper variation as round three comes to a close.

Round Three: Gulak 1-1 Osborne

Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx appear at ringside as round four kicks off, and Osborne delivers a hurricanrana and goes for a pin. Gulak reverses the fall, but Osborne kicks out. Osborne lands a chop, but Gulak flips him inside out with a clothesline. Gulak and Osborne teeter on the top as Thea Hail and Jacy Jayne begin brawling. The two enter the ring, and the referee becomes distracted trying to break them up. This allows for Nyx to trip Osborne as he delivers a superplex, and Gulak to reverse into a crossbody. Gulak then pins Osborne for the win.

Round Six: Gulak 2-1 Osborne

Winner (and still): No Quarter Catch Crew

We then head outside to the Performance Center parking lot. Brooks Jensen leaves the Performance Center and Fallon Henley catches up to him. She asks Jensen where he's going, and Jensen snaps. He tells her that while she and Briggs are doing well, he doesn't know what he wants. A fired up Kelani Jordan then enters as Jensen storms off, demanding to know where Kiana James and Izzi Dame are. Henley calms her down and offers to help her out.

Back at ringside, The Good Brothers make their way out. 

Back from the break, we see a frustrated Hail and Hudson enter Ava's office. Ava tells Hail that Nyx will be having her first match next week, and Hail becomes excited.She then informs Hudson that he will have a match of his own next week, and should he win, he will find himself in the North American Championship at Stand & Deliver. Hudson agrees.

Back at ringside, Hank Walker and Tank Ledger are already waiting inside.

The Good Brothers vs. Hank Walker and Tank Ledger

The bell rings and all four men begin brawling with one another. Ledger clotheslines gallows out of the ring, and Walker sends Karl Anderson out to join him. Walker and Ledger then fly off the ropes to level The Good Brothers, and Ledger gets Anderson back inside.

Ledger levels Anderson, then tags in Walker. Walker sends Anderson crashing into the top turnbuckle face first, and Ledger plants him. Ledger and Walker then sandwich Anderson between them with a double running splash, and Ledger follows it up with a boot to Anderson's midsection. He follows it up with a suplex.

Luke Gallows tags in and Walker fires off right hands on his midsection. Gallows charges at Walker in the corner, but Walker catches him with a boot and ascends to the top. Gallows knocks him to the outside with a right hand, then sends his face bouncing off the barricade and the ring apron. He gets him back in the ring and delivers a boot, then rains down right hands on him. He fires off right and left hands on Walker's midsection in the corner.

Anderson tags back in and fires off stomps on Walker. Gallows tags back in and continues wearing down Walker. Anderson tags in and locks in a submission hold on Walker. Walker lands a dropkick on Anderson before Gallows tags back in and Walker delivers a headbutt to him. Anderson and Ledger then tag in, and Ledger levels Anderson. He delivers a flying shoulder tackle off the middle rope. The now legal Walker delivers a back suplex with some assistance from Ledger and goes for a pin, but Gallows breaks the fall. Walker and Ledger then deliver a double shoulder tackle to Anderson.

Ledger tags in, and Gallows pulls Walker out of the ring. He brawls with him and sends him crashing into the ring steps. In the ring, Anderson lands a spinebuster on Ledger. Gallows then tags in, and The Good Brothers deliver the Magic Killer for the win.

Winners: The Good Brothers

Back at ringside, Meta-Four makes their way down to the ring. Trick Williams follows. 

Trick Williams vs. Noam Dar (w/ Meta-Four)

The bell rings and Williams lands a pair of bodyslams on Dar. He locks in a submission on Dar, but Dar escapes and looks to land a shoulder tackle. Williams stays standing on his feet, then looks to land a kick. Dar counters into an Ankle Lock, but Williams escapes. He connects with a dropkick before firing off a couple right hands on Dar and leveling him. Williams ascends to the middle rope, but Dar catches him with a kick to his midsection. He fires off a couple more kicks on Williams' chest and follows it up with a low dropkick. We see Carmelo Hayes' security guards knock on his dressing room door as Williams lands a pop-up uppercut on Dar. Dar rolls out of the ring, and Jakara Jackson checks on him.

Back from the break, Dar has a sleeper locked in on Williams. Williams escapes by sending Dar crashing into the top turnbuckle, but Dar manages to lock in a Triangle. Williams counters into a sit-out powerbomb before exchanging a few right hands with Dar. Williams levels Dar with a flying clothesline and plants him with a spinebuster. Dar counters it and pins Williams, but Williams kicks out. Dar then cinches in an Ankle Lock, but Williams makes it to the bottom rope to escape.

Dar fires off stomps on Williams, but Williams plants him with a uranage and a back heel kick. He follows it up with a flapjack Oro Mensah hops up on the apron, but Williams clocks him. Jackson checks on him, and Lash Legend hop up on the other side. She flirts with Williams and looks to clock him, but Williams prevents him from doing so. Dar takes advantage and lands a German suplex, then follows it up with a back elbow and goes for a pin. Williams manages to kick out, and Dar sets up for the Nova Roller. Williams counters into the Trick Shot Jump Knee for the win.

Winner: Trick Williams

After the match, Williams grabs a mic and tells Carmelo Hayes that it's personal. He says they don't have to wait until Stand & Deliver, then calls Hayes down to the ring.

Hayes' security team marches down the ramp and surrounds Williams in the ring. Hayes' music then hits, and a hooded figure appears. One of the security guards reveals himself to be Hayes, and Hayes blindsides Williams. His security team joins in, and holds Williams in place as Hayes berates him and fires off right hands on him. He then connects with a running knee, and continues berating Williams, standing tall as the show goes off the air.