Scott Armstrong Recalls Transition From WWE Referee To Producer

Scott Armstrong — the son of the late "Bullet" Bob Armstrong – became a referee during WCW's final days. He eventually joined WWE as an official in 2006, later becoming a backstage producer. On "Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling," Armstrong opened up about transitioning from refereeing to producing.

"I'd gone to Hunter [WWE's CCO Paul "Triple H" Levesque] probably two years before they actually made me a producer," Armstrong explained. 

The former wrestler, who won titles in promotions such as Georgia Championship Wrestling and the NWA, said he told Levesque that he would be interested in a backstage position after winding down his run as a referee. A couple of years later, Levesque eventually took Armstrong to one side and offered him a job producing. WWE came up with a plan to write him off television, executing it when Armstrong fast-counted Daniel Bryan's [AEW's Bryan Danielson] WWE Championship victory at Night of Champions in 2013. Armstrong was fired for his actions by Levesque the following night on "WWE Raw."

"It was so fun and such a cool way to transition, for me to go behind the scenes," Armstrong said. "And then I was [a] producer for probably, gosh, six, seven years. I had a good little run all the way to COVID. COVID took me out of the picture." 

Armstrong was furloughed at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but he eventually returned to his producing duties in October 2020. However, at the beginning of 2022, Armstrong was released from his WWE contract, ending his 15-year run with the organization. Overall, Armstrong said working for the Stamford, Connecticut-based promotion was the highlight of his career.

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