Elias Discusses Difference Between His WWE NXT And Main Roster Runs

Former WWE star Elias has delved into his time on "WWE NXT" and why his character wasn't as big a success on the black and gold brand compared to the main roster. 

Over the years a lot of wrestlers have struggled when making the transition from "NXT" to the main roster, however, when it comes to former WWE Superstar Elias it was the opposite. "The Drifter" was used sparingly on "NXT," but began to flourish when he was given the opportunity on "WWE Raw." 

"When I was in 'NXT' it always felt like this needed a big stage, it needed a bigger stage," he said to "Monopoly Events." "'NXT' had a certain style to it and everything like that, and you got little glimpses, but when I was really able to kind of let go and be myself on the big stage in front of the audience it just all seemed to click. The people just kind of grabbed to it so I've got to be quite grateful about that." 

While the character was given a lot of television time with lengthy promos and concert segments, he was eventually released in September 2023. However, there could be more for that particular gimmick down the line, as the former WWE Superstar — who is now working under the name Elijah – recently returned to the wrestling business, competing at a few independent events in February. 

"I think there's even more to explore in the presentation and the character and stuff like that, so maybe we get there one day down the road," he said.

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