Kevin Sullivan Says This WWE Hall Of Famer 'Doesn't Get His Due'

Former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan believes that late WWE Hall of Famer Paul Orndorff doesn't get the respect he deserves for his work inside the ring.

Across his lengthy career, Sullivan stepped into the ring with many of the legends of his generation and often had first-hand experience when it came to their abilities. Sullivan, in an episode of his "Tuesday with the Taskmaster" podcast, urged his viewers to watch Orndorff's work, specifically his work on the corner turnbuckle. 

"Here's another guy that doesn't get his due. I want you to look at Paul Orndorff, go back and look at his tapes, and watch when he gets a guy down in the corner and starts kicking him. He goes first gear, second gear, third gear, fourth gear, overdrive, and then he goes berserk. He was a real athlete."

He claimed that he knew Orndorff early in his career and that he once saw him knockout Vader, who was known for being incredibly physical in the ring. 

"I knew Paul from the time he got in the business, I was only a couple of years ahead of him," recalled Sullivan. "He was the branded bull, he was the real deal, a tough guy. I was there when he KO'd Vader and almost kicked his head off."

Veteran pro wrestling referee Nick Patrick once commented on the fight between Orndorff and Vader and claimed that he was concerned for the latter's life during the match. Patrick also recalled that the locker room was allegedly happy with the beatdown, due to Vader's bad reputation as a bully at the time.

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