Brian Gewirtz Responds To Being Name-Dropped In Cody Rhodes Promo On WWE Raw

Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz, who currently works with The Rock's Seven Bucks Productions, has hit back at Cody Rhodes after "The American Nightmare" referenced him on this week's "WWE Raw."

Rhodes, in his fiery promo aimed at The Rock on Monday, mentioned how The Rock calls himself the "Final Boss" and praised Gewirtz — who has been The Rock's writer for many years — for coming up with the nickname. Gewirtz, on X, has responded to Rhodes' comment, stating that the "Final Boss" name was conjured by The Rock himself, while also revealing that he was the one to tell "The People's Champion" about Rhodes' dog, Pharaoh. 

"'Final Boss' isn't anything I came up with. @TheRock calls himself that because he is that. If it makes you feel better @CodyRhodes, I was the first to tell him about your spectacularly stupid goofy ass dog," said Gewirtz.

In his promo attacking The Rock in response to the Hollywood star's recent appearance on "WWE SmackDown," Rhodes called the former WWE Champion a "whiny bi***" and an "ass**le." The 2024 men's Royal Rumble winner was confronted by Paul Heyman during his promo, where "The Wiseman" proposed that Rhodes and Roman Reigns speak to each other one-on-one on "SmackDown" later this week, assuring him that The Bloodline wouldn't be present as long as Rhodes doesn't have anyone in his corner.

On last week's "SmackDown," The Rock mocked Rhodes for crying on "Raw" the previous week, while also taking potshots at Rhodes' fans as well as his tag team partner, Seth Rollins. "The Great One" has also referenced Rhodes' dog Pharaoh during one of his promos, calling him a "goofy a** dog" and advising Rhodes to call him "sh**head" instead, which didn't go down well with Rhodes, who asked him to keep his dog's name out of his mouth.