TNA's Nic Nemeth Defends Wrestling Fans, Living In Mom's Basement

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson recently fired back at "Busted Open Radio" co-host Dave LaGreca on social media for criticizing his recent return to WWE. While discussing the situation on the SiriusXM show, LaGreca questioned Johnson's comments, pointing out that the former WWE Champion continuously referred to him as "a grown man." LaGreca took that remark to heart, saying there was nothing wrong with him being "a fan of something" or "passionate about something" at his age. Moments later on the show, TNA's Nic Nemeth — formerly Dolph Ziggler in WWE — jumped to the defense of LaGreca and wrestling fans as a whole.

"There's genuine people that grew up with these stories and are, as a grown-up, pouring their hearts out ... and sometimes they give it and sometimes they take it away," Nemeth said. "You know what? You have a right to be that invested in stories; that's what we're all hoping for, no matter what. So I'm glad you're that invested that you were so disheveled, but also you [have] got to remember, without you, maybe they don't switch the story around, maybe they don't switch everything around."

When asked about the wrestling community constantly being generalized, Nemeth said there is a stigma about fans being "neckbeards sitting in their mom's basement." He jokingly noted that there was nothing wrong with someone loving their family and living in the basement to help out. Pizza Rolls were then brought up, with Nemeth mentioning that fans living in their mom's basement can microwave them quickly and have them for each meal, before going back to "following Cody [Rhodes] around."

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