Why AEW Star Malakai Black Says WWE's GUNTHER Is 'Incredibly Good

WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER has a lot of fans across the world. From the people that followed him on the European indies, to the people that only discovered him when he arrived in "WWE NXT UK," the "Ring General" has carved out a niche for himself in the modern wrestling landscape that has led him to become the most dominant Intercontinental Champion in history.

Someone who knows a lot of about GUNTHER is AEW star Malakai Black, who recently spoke about why people like the Imperium leader are so good on the "Developmentally Speaking" podcast. "You take guys like GUNTHER who are insanely good, I don't think I've ever watched that man have a match that made me go 'ehh,'" Black said. "He's just so incredibly good and that is in a modern setting. He knows how to draw emotion out of things ... it's why I've always been very much into character stuff and building stuff throughout these lenses of characters because it allows an audience to connect from an emotional level, whether you agree or not agree with what he says or not says and leaving it up for you to decide."

Black explained that the emotional connection fans have with the story will then payoff in the match (if it's good of course), but that people like GUNTHER understand what is required from them depending on their positioning on the card. Black and GUNTHER have a long history together from their time on the independent scene as Tommy End and WALTER respectively, where they frequently crossed paths in companies like wXw in Germany, CZW in the United States, and BJW in Japan.

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