AEW's Jim Ross Looks Back On The First WWE WrestleMania In 1985

WWE WrestleMania 40 is right around the corner, and the wrestling world is buzzing with excitement surrounding the event, which has been the case yearly since the original show back in 1985. WWE has been focusing on celebrating WrestleMania's legacy, particularly via the "WWE 2K24" video game being all about 40 years of 'Mania, and the debut event is something that AEW's Jim Ross got to enjoy as a fan. 

"I was very impressed, quite frankly at the spectacle. Well-promoted, visuals that you'll never forget, so very positively affected by WrestleMania," he said on "Grilling JR." "I thought it was going to change the business forever, and it did." Nowadays, WWE has taken things to another level with the "Showcase Of Immortals" by making it a two-night extravaganza, and this year the company is promoting two huge main events, as The Rock and Roman Reigns face Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes on Saturday before Rhodes and Reigns compete in singles action on Sunday. JR believes the card is loaded this year, but he feels it's almost too big, as it's hard to focus on any one thing. 

"In any event, it helped the business, high tides raise all ships I believe," JR said about the original WrestleMania. "It was positive for the business, I was a fan at that time working in the business, but a fan that enjoyed the experience of watching it."

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