WWE NXT Star Brooks Jensen Apologizes For Wearing Ole Anderson Shirt

Shortly after the death of Ole Anderson nearly a month ago, WWE NXT star Brooks Jensen decided to pay tribute to the Four Horsemen legend, wearing a t-shirt of Anderson right before challenging Oba Femi for the NXT North American Championship. This proved to be controversial, with many questioning why Jensen would wear the shirt after stories documenting Anderson's history of racism towards talents, including future WWE Hall of Famer Thunderbolt Patterson, came to light.

On Tuesday afternoon, Jensen took to X to respond to one of the fans upset that he'd worn the Anderson shirt. In his statement, Jensen made clear he would never support racism, hate, or bullying, and stated he wore the Anderson shirt to pay tribute to Anderson's wrestling ability, only learning of the racist allegations against him after they resurfaced.

Jensen also acknowledged that his looks and Southern heritage are often associated with what he described as "the underbelly of our society," and proceeded to apologize to those who knew of the allegations beforehand and were offended by him wearing Anderson's search. Echoing his first statement in the tweet, he stated he was "learning" and that he was "noting" this incident.

Shortly after appearing on last night's episode of "NXT," Jensen returned to the social media platform, tweeting that he would be taking a break from social media in general, following both the controversy and his "NXT" appearance, where he told ally Fallon Henley he was unsure of what he wanted. Saying he had to think on stuff, Jensen closed the post by thanking fans for "the love and support."