Photo: WWE's Natalya Shares Pic With 'Beautiful Friend' Gail Kim

WWE star Natalya Neidhart took to social media platform X last night to share a photo of herself alongside fellow Canadian wrestler Gail Kim. Natalya also used the opportunity to praise Kim for her beauty and ability to inspire.

Natalya and Kim have a history that dates back to a 2006 UWF show, which was in between WWE stints for Kim and a short time before Natalya signed with the promotion. Following that one-off match, the two shared the ring nearly 40 times in WWE from 2009 to 2011, including a short-lived tag team run. However, the two performers never faced one another in a singles match.

As the daughter of Jim Neidhart and niece to Bret and Owen Hart, Natalya began her wrestling career in 2000, spending seven years on the independents before signing with WWE. Natalya has now been with WWE for 17 years, becoming the longest-tenured woman on the roster. In that time, she's held the WWE Divas Championship, the WWE Women's Championship, and the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship alongside Tamina.

Kim had two runs with WWE, first signing in 2002. She was popular with fans and became the WWE Women's Champion in her "WWE Raw" debut the following year. Kim was later released by the company in 2004, joining TNA for several years before returning to the larger promotion in 2008. That second run would last until 2011, when Kim quit WWE after becoming dissatisfied with her booking. She would then return to TNA, where she still holds a creative position backstage today. Kim retired from in-ring competition in 2019, but earlier this year, Natalya called Kim out for one final match.