AJ Francis, Formerly Top Dolla, Discusses Being Backstage At Recent WWE Raw

AJ Francis (formerly Top Dolla) was backstage at "WWE Raw" recently, and despite that starting speculation among fans about why he would be around, the former Hit Row member confirmed he was simply in town for Bun B's Houston Rodeo.

"I text Triple H and said, 'Yo, I'm just trying to come backstage to see the guys, it's not that big a deal,' I'm not out here trying to be like, 'Yo, bring me back here right now,' I'm not doing that," he said on "Strictly Business." "I'm just trying to see the guys right, that's all, all my friends all the people I work with. He set it up and I was able to go backstage." Francis got the chance to see the likes of Triple H, Jey Uso, and Road Dogg, and revealed that it was nothing but love from his former co-workers, also pointing out that nobody knows what the future holds in wrestling, as he refused to rule out a return down the line.

"It was nothing but, 'I am so happy for you, you're killing it, hope to see you back here soon,'" he said. "Paul Heyman literally came up and gave me a hug and said, 'My day has literally been made to see you here.' It's like, I know that the people there that I worked with know how talented I am, and how good I am, and that I should still be there. But through no fault of my own, I'm not." Since his WWE release, Francis has been making appearances for the likes of MLW and TNA as he continues to grow his name in the business. However, even though he knows that WWE has brought plenty of former stars back, he insisted he's not waiting around for that.

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