Bully Ray Assesses Crowd Reaction To Cody Rhodes' WWE Raw Promo

With only two weeks to go before Cody Rhodes squares off with Roman Reigns and The Rock on Night One of WrestleMania 40, every segment featuring Rhodes, Rock, or Reigns has been dissected like a frog in science class. Among the chief dissectors has been Bully Ray, who has been more bullish on the work of The Rock recently, especially following Rock's promo last Friday on "SmackDown."

On Tuesday's episode of "Busted Open Radio," the two-time Hall of Famer analyzed Rhodes' rebuttal to Rock on "Raw," and wasn't thrilled with Rhodes' response. Even worse, Bully believes the "Raw" audience wasn't happy with some of Rhodes' promo either.

"Did you hear the crowd when Cody said or planted the seed of doubt that he might not finish the story?" Bully said. "Groans. They did not want to hear that from him. Not only did he not...fight fire with fire last night with The Rock, but now he's doubtful again. I don't mind my babyface having a little self-doubt, but I don't think it's the time now, just two weeks out of WrestleMania, for Cody to have that self-doubt. And you heard the people go 'Ugh,' as if he took the wind out of some of his own people's sails."

Bully also negatively compared Rhodes' promo to promos by his father, Dusty Rhodes, and how Bully felt the "Raw" segment featured none of Dusty's authenticity.

"Last night felt memorized, canned," Bully said. "I felt that there was a struggle to come across a different way, as opposed to just naturally coming across that way. You know who cut the best promo on The Rock last night? It was Dustin Rhodes on social media when Dustin said 'F**k you Rock!' I would've loved to have heard that from Cody last night."

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