Drew McIntyre Assesses Title Shot At WWE WrestleMania 40

In many ways, Drew McIntyre has become the forgotten man heading into WrestleMania 40. Though he's set to challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, presumably on Night Two, McIntyre has had to vie for attention from Rollins, who himself has become a minor player in the ongoing Cody Rhodes feud with The Bloodline, that will see Rollins and Rhodes team up to face The Rock and Roman Reigns on Night One of WrestleMania.

In an interview with "Gorilla Position," McIntyre vented his frustrations on Rollins and his lack of focus on their upcoming World Championship match, accusing Rollins of selfishness for getting himself involved in the Rhodes/Bloodline dynamic.

"I made my feelings pretty clear on the show last week, that his focus should be on the World Championship, his focus should be on 'Raw,' and he shouldn't be...spreading himself so thin," McIntyre said. "But at the same time, it seems [like] it's coming from a selfish place to me. He was trying to convince Cody to have the match with him, instead of finishing the story, which Cody promised everyone he was going to do. And the fans were clearly saying 'We don't want this. We want Cody to do what he said he was going to do, and finish the story.'"

McIntyre didn't mince words about Rhodes either, claiming he pushed Rhodes into making the right decision regarding challenging Reigns, and also saying he had no sympathy for Rhodes' current predicament.

"He lied to The Rock," McIntyre said. "He's wondering why The Rock is being like this, he said 'You can have this match.' Then he didn't give it, he took it away. So Cody's a liar, but that's not my business over at 'SmackDown.' They can handle it over there."

McIntyre Accuses Rollins Of Trying To Latch Onto More Popular Acts

Turning his attention back to his WrestleMania opponent, McIntyre accused Rollins of neglecting his own health, the World Heavyweight Championship, and even the "Raw" roster, in favor of getting himself more notoriety alongside Rhodes, Rock, and Reigns. That's a situation McIntyre promises won't happen if he should beat Rollins at WrestleMania, as his focus will always be on the World Heavyweight Title and "Raw" first.

"Seth should be focused on 'Okay, the World Title, get myself healthy, and have the best match possible with Drew McIntyre. It's all about 'Raw,”" McIntyre said. "But he can't help himself, and it goes back to the Shield days. He has to latch onto whatever's cool, get that extra spotlight, be it Cody's return, be it the Edge stuff, be it Punk's return, or be it The Rock's return. He always has to stick his nose into the spotlight.

"[He] wants that little bit more and doesn't think what's best for the roster. He thinks about what's best for him, and that's what annoys me, and I said it last week. When I'm champion on 'Raw,' it's going to be all about 'Raw,' all about my roster on 'Raw.'a I don't care if 'SmackDown' is on fire and they're on their knees begging for help. I will not pee on them to put that fire out, cause that's a them problem. And I'm focused on 'Raw' responsibilities, as he should be."

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