AJ Francis, Formerly Top Dolla In WWE, Explains Flurry Of Activity Since Release

It hasn't been easy for AJ Francis, who in the past three years has seen himself released by WWE in 2021, brought back by the promotion in 2022, only to be released again in 2023. Since September, however, the former Top Dolla has found plenty to keep him busy, including wrestling for TNA, MLW, and GCW, and having a lot more time for outside-of-the-ring activities. Appearing on "Strictly Business," Francis talked about his flurry of activities, explaining that keeping busy is what he prefers to do, and was something he would've attempted to do during his WWE runs if he had felt permitted to do so.

"I never felt the need to stop doing any of them," Francis said. "There's a reason why, as soon as I got released from WWE, you saw me everywhere doing everything. It's because I've always had the ability to go on these shows and do these things. The only reason I hadn't done it is because I didn't want to ruffle any feathers in WWE. Like, you have to ask for permission to do everything in WWE. I don't need permission no more. 

"If I want to do Big Noon kickoff on Fox for the Maryland game, I just show up. I don't have to ask one person who asks another person to get approval from another person, or for them to be like 'Ah, well no, we don't want you to do that.' And now I can't do a big opportunity because what? I am at the point now where...wrestling is one of the many things that I do. And wrestling is something that I love doing. And I'm not going to stop wrestling any time soon. Now where I wrestle is determined by who cuts the check."

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