Bully Ray Reacts To WWE Raw Production Changes

Since Kevin Dunn ended his tenure with WWE at the end of 2023, the TKO-owned promotion has been experimenting more with its production. Dunn, a close associate of Vince McMahon who was with the company for over 40 years, was leading WWE's production team before his exit. One man who has noticed the alterations is WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, who spoke about the production of this past Monday's "WWE Raw" on "Busted Open Radio."

"One of the things I liked about 'Raw', and I don't know if you picked up on this, is the continuity of the shots, or the continuing of the shots, back through Gorilla," Bully said. "All of those jump cuts that were giving me seizures are gone. We're following the action, and as we're following the action, we're seeing other talent get involved in the shot ... I'm enjoying the new production of WWE."

Following Dunn's departure, it was announced that Lee Fitting, who previously oversaw production at ESPN until August 2023, would take over as WWE's Head of Media and Production. In the press release announcing his hiring, Nick Khan, President of WWE, said Fitting would "play a key role in helping catapult WWE's growth." So far, his appointment looks to be paying off, with numerous fans on social media also pointing out the improvement in WWE's production since Dunn's exit.

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