Why Bully Ray Says WWE Star Cody Rhodes Is A Heel 'At His Core'

Cody Rhodes has been positioned as WWE's top babyface as he faces both a "Final Boss" and "Tribal Chief" in The Rock, Roman Reigns, and The Bloodline at WrestleMania 40. However, extending the "Star Wars" metaphor he has tied to Rhodes previously, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray reasoned during "Busted Open Radio" that the "American Nightmare" is not the good guy everyone believes him to be.

"Cody Rhodes is not Luke Skywalker. Cody Rhodes is Anakin Skywalker," he declared, "Luke Skywalker was a good guy, through and through, from the first time we met him as a whiny b***h on Tattooine, all the way until the end, he becomes one of the most powerful Jedi ... Would not turn to the dark side. Anakin was a good guy also but Anakin was tormented, tormented by a lot of things ... Cody is torn on the inside, Cody is torn from leading a very difficult life of having to live in the shadow of Dusty ... Cody at his core is a heel. His cadence makes him a heel. He speaks like a heel, he's a heel disguised in babyface clothing. Not last night. All black last night. I know this is a stretch. But when I saw Cody come out in all black last night I was like, 'Oh my God it's Anakin.'" 

It's not just the black attire that Bully felt reflective of the man behind Darth Vader, as he continued to delve into the idea and incorporate Paul Heyman as a parallel to Emperor Palpatine, the malevolent manipulator responsible for the hero's fall to the dark side. "There is so much suppressed animosity, hatred, torment that lies in Cody ... I'm not a hundred percent positive Cody could get it out himself. That would take an absolute Sith to get it out of him. And there's only one there, Paul Heyman. Heyman could help Cody find himself. Heyman could get that heel out of Cody."

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