AEW's Jeff Jarrett Addresses Possibility Of His Last Match

Following on from the success of Sting's last match at AEW Revolution 2024, many fans have wondered what other retirement matches might look like for some of the older members of both the WWE and AEW rosters. As someone who got into the wrestling business at around the same time Sting did, Jeff Jarrett has achieved almost everything he's set out to do, meaning that a potential retirement might be around the corner.

On his "My World" podcast, Jarrett was asked by a fan if he has considered what his retirement match might be, to which Jarrett believes he still has more gas in the tank. "I don't, I truly don't," Jarrett said. "Rewind to even 2018 when I did the Royal Rumble and did a couple of things before I went into my full-time employee job with those guys ... I even thought it in my head right then 'okay that's probably it.' Maybe a cameo here and there but I mean I thought that in 2018, that's six years ago, that's crazy."

Jarrett explained that along with his brief return to WWE, he would never have dreamed of being part of Ric Flair's last match in 2022, or being able to work for the promotions he has in recent years, and says that he's enjoying what he's doing right now in AEW. "I definitely have no idea, don't give it any thought. I used to take things one year at a time, now I just kind of take it a day at a time. I'm enjoying the hell out of what I'm doing, I think we are — I say we the group, it's an unusual group that has a dynamic that I've never really been a part of."

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