Jeff Jarrett Says This WWE Hall Of Famer Is The 'Michael Jordan Of Pro Wrestling'

Although some younger people may favor LeBron James, the consensus on the greatest basketball player of all time has long been centered around Michael Jordan. Jordan dominated the court and had a presence that seems nearly impossible to recreate. AEW star Jeff Jarrett believes he can point out a pro wrestling equivalent to Jordan, as revealed on his podcast, "My World."

"I said it in my Hall of Fame speech — I think Shawn [Michaels] is one of those guys that is the Michael Jordon of professional wrestling," Jarrett said. "You kind of look at his body of work, his back-to-back years against [The Undertaker]. ... Their matches [were] just off the charts. And then you take Shawn and Bret [Hart]."

Hart was arguably the biggest rival in Michaels' career, and Jarrett made sure to note that he meant absolutely no disrespect to Hart even though he prefers Michaels. Hart was able to craft a unique "aura" with his Hitman character, and persistently worked hard to achieve success in the business.

Jarrett said WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair reportedly grew angry at him once for comparing Michaels to Jordan, but Jarrett laid out additional reasoning as to why he feels that way. Michaels could have a great match with anyone, Jarrett believes, and the performer excelled on the mic as well, especially when he played the villain.

While Jarrett has both an onscreen and backstage role at AEW, Michaels is doing the same over in WWE, although on a slightly larger scale behind the scenes. As WWE's Senior Vice President of Talent Development, Michaels is currently in charge of running NXT, while Jarrett is the Director of Business Development in AEW.

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