Tommy Dreamer On What Would Have Happened If Adam Copeland Stayed In WWE

After decades of wrestling as Edge in WWE, Adam Copeland shocked the industry by leaving the promotion behind and signing with AEW, where he's currently a two-time TNT Champion. Some fans have not been too happy with his jump, however, according to Tommy Dreamer on "Busted Open Radio," it was the best move for Copeland.

Dreamer opened by praising AEW's handling of both Copeland and Christian Cage. "My other praise of AEW is both guys were done. Adam Copeland had an amazing WWE career, an amazing WWE run." He then suggested their feud could've happened in WWE, but that he doesn't think Copeland would've fit in with WWE going forward. "I'm sure you could have still seen this in WWE, it just was a much-needed change. If Adam Copeland still stayed in WWE, where would he fit in?"

Following this, Dreamer suggested that Copeland could've turned heel to contrast the number of babyfaces in WWE, but pointed out that he would've likely been the fourth-ranked heel after Roman Reigns, The Rock, and Drew McIntyre. "If he was still there, he would have turned heel and been a heel against somebody because they were so stacked on babyfaces. But then where does the storyline go? That doesn't fit for him anymore. So, a great move." Lastly, he criticized WWE's handling of Cage after his return at Royal Rumble 2021. "WWE could have done this. They just chose not to. And Christian was — his return, that same Royal Rumble, Christian showed up. Then it was just like more of a one-off than anything. It proved that he can still go."

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