Tony Khan Reveals Who Would Be The First Inductees In AEW Hall Of Fame

The words "Hall of Fame" get thrown around a lot in the pro wrestling business given how many there are, from companies like WWE and TNA having their own insular halls, to wrestling publications honoring greats from years past by adding people to their own halls. However, who would be the first inductees if AEW were to introduce its own hall?

During a recent interview with "ComicBook Nation," Khan admitted that he hasn't thought about doing any sort of Hall of Fame given that AEW is still a young company. With that said, he does have some ideas on who would be the first inductees. 

"The first two people that come to mind I think we would have to honor would be Sting and Mr. Brodie Lee," Khan said. "Two of the greatest champions and two of the greatest people we've ever had in AEW. Very different circumstances, but I think those would be the first two people that come to my mind."

Khan also noted that the AEW Hall of Fame wouldn't be limited to AEW as he feels a legend of Ring of Honor would also need to be included in some capacity. "Somebody that never got to wrestle in AEW that I also feel very strongly about who needs to be talked about and honored is Jay Briscoe." 

He explained that he always wanted to bring Briscoe into AEW and that he was friends with many people currently signed to AEW. Briscoe got to work with Khan when ROH was bought out in 2022, where he and his brother Mark had a trilogy of matches with FTR that many consider some of the greatest tag team matches of all time.

Please credit "ComicBook Nation" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Rllegends for the transcription.