Former WWE Star Maryse Announces She's Tumor-Free Following Total Hysterectomy

Maryse Mizanin — wife of WWE star Mike "The Miz" Mizanin — has announced on social media that she is tumor-free. Two weeks ago, the former WWE Divas Champion visited the hospital to have her abdominal lymph nodes removed and to undergo hysterectomy surgery. The lymph node procedure was to see if the rare pre-cancer found in her ovaries had spread, and it was ultimately determined that it had not.

Despite the positive news, Mizanin did reveal she was diagnosed with "Primary Peritoneal Serous Borderline Tumors with involvement of ovaries/uterus/tubes." According to Mizanin, that rare condition affects seven women out of a million per year in the United States. She said in her social media post that doctors had managed to find her condition at a manageable stage, which has ultimately saved her life. Regarding her next steps, Mizanin wrote, "Next, I will continue to rest following my surgery and then will follow up with specialists at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston." Mizanin also thanked everyone for their overwhelming support, and encouraged other women to be their own advocates and to always trust themselves. 

Since Mizanin posted her medical update, various wrestling personalities have shown their support on social media, including AEW's most recent recruit, Mercedes Mone, who replied, "Keep healing. You're amazing." Meanwhile, WWE star Kofi Kingston wrote, "Let's goooo! Such great news!" The last time WWE fans saw Mizanin in action was at Royal Rumble 2022, when she and Miz tasted defeat against Adam "Edge" Copeland and Beth Phoenix. Outside of WWE, Mizanin and her husband starred in the "Miz & Mrs." reality series between 2018 and 2022.