Dave Meltzer Addresses WWE Talents' Frustrations With Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Earlier this week, it was reported Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had caused some frustration among network executives and WWE wrestlers because of his language during in-ring promos. A memo was reportedly sent out to talent recently, which said they must continue to adhere to the promotion's PG guidelines when it comes to their promos. According to this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there have been discussions "among talent and outside" about a "double standard" involving the former WWE Champion. However, the report pointed out that there will always be that type of situation regarding someone with star power, like Rock.

Additionally, an unnamed individual told the Observer that nobody would question Rock because he's a member of the TKO Group Holdings (parent company of WWE) board and generally does what he wants. Also, it was mentioned that Rock has a team of representatives, so he wouldn't necessarily get involved with any issues. Meanwhile, there was said to be a feeling that "the era of Vince McMahon's double standards for his handpicked stars" was over. However, since Rock's return, that belief has changed.

Meanwhile, some talent has reportedly claimed they would be able to pick up more steam if the "handcuffs" were taken off their promos on television and social media. It's said that despite Rock having significant freedom, stars like Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes have had to stick to the usual guidelines. "The Great One" recently responded to the complaints about his language and cursing on WWE programming, saying he'd "rather be real than not" and "talk from the heart."