Why Tommy Dreamer Says He's 'Blown Away' By AEW Star Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay has been touted as one of AEW's biggest signings, and some veterans like Eric Bischoff are still holding out hope that he'll go to WWE someday. On "Busted Open Radio," Tommy Dreamer showered Ospreay with praise for his recent promo segments. Dreamer said Ospreay has a connection with the fans, and praised the star for blowing him away. "I have been blown away with Will Ospreay's connection to the fans and how he speaks to the fans. He's a natural — as great as he is in the ring, he's great on the microphone. He has this endearing quality to him. I enjoy him."

Ospreay's crowd connection and his promo skills seemingly set him apart from Kazuchika Okada for Dreamer, which he described as a "massive difference." "And I knew, going in, there's pretty much not a lot of people like him in wrestling and when I hear him talk, I like him even more. Massive difference between the two."

Additionally, Dreamer addressed the criticism his co-host Dave LaGreca had in regards to AEW's other major signing, Mercedes Mone, and explained why her delivery isn't stale according to him. "What about the boss character [in WWE]? When the boss character came out, didn't you see a lot of it? So, it wasn't grating then? Also, different eyes. But also, I don't think she cares. You're either going to love her or hate her." The veteran suggested Mone should ultimately face Britt Baker or Jamie Hayter to establish herself as the biggest star on the women's roster.

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