WWE Hall Of Famer & AEW Announcer Jim Ross Offers Health Update

It's not been an easy few years for AEW commentator Jim Ross. In October 2021, the broadcasting legend was diagnosed with skin cancer. After a period of treatment, he revealed he was cancer-free. However, Ross later took some time away from AEW to heal some ongoing issues. Earlier this year, Ross had cancer surgery on his right hip, but a few weeks later, he broke his hip and spent some time doing rehabilitation. Of course, everyone is probably wondering if Ross is doing better these days. The WWE Hall of Famer provided an update on his health during "Grilling JR."

"Tomorrow, on Friday, I'm supposed to get the ports [removed]," Ross explained. "There's three ports in my chest that were used to feed me, intravenously, my antibiotics to help heal my ankle, and it's working ... It's so much more effective than taking pills ... So I'm getting those ports out tomorrow if all goes well. So there's that. My hip is very sore. I had 28 staples removed from my hip. And here's the crazy redneck part of this story — I didn't even know I had staples in my hip. I knew my hip hurt, but it was all heavily taped ... Anyhow, I'm better, but it still hurts like hell. It hurts like hell right now."

Meanwhile, Ross said he felt great in terms of energy. The WWE Hall of Famer recently returned to AEW at the promotion's Revolution pay-per-view, which saw Sting participate in the final match of his illustrious career. Ross is now hoping he will be available for the company's upcoming Dynasty event on April 21. Elsewhere on the podcast, Ross explained that when his diabetes issues began, he weighed almost 250 lbs. But after recently weighing himself, he's now down to 210 lbs.

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