Santos Escobar Defeats Rey Mysterio On WWE SmackDown After Dominik Renews Hostilities

One year ago, Rey Mysterio defeated his son, Dominik, at WrestleMania 39. Friday night, Dominik enacted his revenge by helping his father take a loss to longtime rival Santos Escobar.

Rey and Escobar opened Friday's episode of "WWE SmackDown" in a high-flying contest that eventually took both competitors to the outside. After rolling Escobar back into the ring, Rey looked towards the top rope to secure his victory — but a masked figure emerged to foil Rey's plans, tripping up the WWE Hall of Famer. After taking off his mask (itself identical to Rey's iconic design) the interloper revealed himself to be Dominik. The distraction allowed for Escobar to hit Rey with a 619, and Escobar followed up his opportunistic attack with a Phantom Driver to win the match. Neither the LWO nor Legado del Fantasma were present at ringside.

As of this writing, neither Mysterio is confirmed to be on the WrestleMania 40 card, and it's unknown if this segment was setting a rematch between them in Philadelphia. Dominik was last seen suffering a loss to Ricochet on the March 18 episode of "WWE Raw," while Rey and Escobar had been feuding for the better part of 2023 before Rey was taken off television to undergo knee surgery for a torn meniscus. Rey returned to "SmackDown" on the March 1 episode to immediately resume his feud with Escobar. Following these latest events, it seems that Rey will now once again be seeking retribution against his son, as well.