WWE's Becky Lynch Opens Up About Writing Process For Her Memoir

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Becky Lynch has had one of the most successful careers in recent WWE history, and she has now shared her experience and her journey in a memoir, "Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl," that will be published later this month. Lynch recently appeared on "Busted Open Radio," where she recalled the work she put into writing (and re-writing) the book.

Lynch recalled struggling with the process at one point, but in 2022 she joined a book writing course that ended up changing things completely.

"I hadn't actually read [the manuscript], I'd just kind of written it through until I was like 'Okay, here's the end of the book,'" Lynch said. "And then [my editor] came back with notes and I was like 'Oh, I hate this book. Oh, I hate this. I'm rewriting the whole book.' And so then on my 'NXT' run, when I was champion there, I rewrote the whole book on backstage, live events, TV, on red eyes in hotel rooms, like I just rewrote the whole thing and got it to a point where I was really happy with it."

The entire process helped Lynch learn a very important lesson when it comes to deadlines, which she now describes as being her "best friend." As it turns out, that applies to wrestling, too.

"I think with wrestling, we constantly have deadlines," she said. "You might not have a match in place, you might not have a promo in place, but you're gonna go live in a few minutes or a few hours, and you have to have something. You're not going to go out to the ring and do nothing. So I like those deadlines, I like working under pressure."

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