Tommy Dreamer On Being 'Married' To Future WWE Hall Of Famer Paul Heyman For 7 Years

Workplace relationships run hot and cold, especially when two people have worked as closely as Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman. Given the longevity and passion both poured into the ECW brand, it wouldn't be a stretch to compare their professional partnership to a type of "extreme" marriage.

During a recent episode of the "Busted Open" podcast, Dreamer described his relationship with Heyman as exactly that.

"Me and Paul were married for seven years. Creatively, I never matched anybody like him," Dreamer said. "Loved every experience I ever had. But when I say we were married, we also then got divorced. And that divorce, it's never gonna be the same. We did have a child together, and that was called ECW."

While the case can certainly be made for both men entering WWE's Hall of Fame, so far only one of them is schedule to do so, as Heyman is headlining the Class of 2024 in Philadelphia, aka "The Birthplace of Extreme." The question then becomes, is Tommy Dreamer the right man to induct him? Dreamer said he would, if asked, but admitted there are probably others who make more logistical sense based on who's already under WWE contract.

"They have other people who work in WWE. And they have people who've had bigger success in the WWE," Dreamer said. "CM Punk inducting Paul Heyman works. Steve Austin inducting Paul Heyman works. Does Tommy Dreamer work? Absolutely. [But] you have everyone in-house already, why do you need this other person who doesn't work there?"

Despite the ebbs and flows of Dreamer and Heyman's relationship, Dreamer said nobody from ECW is more deserving of induction than his former boss.

"Paul did everything for me," Dreamer said. "Paul changed the wrestling industry ... couldn't be happier for the guy."