AEW's Jeff Jarrett Discusses The End Of Sting's Career

Pro wrestling legend Sting recently ended his near-40-year career during AEW Revolution 2024, where he retired as one-half of the AEW World Tag Team Champions. AEW's Jeff Jarrett recently shared his thoughts on Sting's final match in an episode of "My World with Jeff Jarrett," and expressed how important it was to him.

"I felt really, really good about [it]," Jarrett said. He then recalled their history together. "Okay, this is how it's gonna end. In a lot of ways, I was there when he first started and then the WCW years, then the TNA years, we were together in WWE."

Jarrett then revealed that while he left TNA before Sting did, he was the one responsible for signing him. Following this, he recalled "The Icon's" AEW debut, saying he still remembers it fondly. 

"If I had to sum it up in one word, I was just elated for the man we call Sting that he was going to go out on his terms, his way – it never happens," Jarrett gushed, also noting that even the biggest legends in attendance were playing second fiddle to Sting. 

"It was Sting and Others. Even The Nature Boy, even Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat," Jarrett explained. "This night was all about Sting. Everybody in the arena knows that they're waiting for Sting's music to hit. It'll go down, as far as a spectator for me – [a] really, really special night."

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