Dustin Rhodes Recalls 'Deafening' Reaction To New AEW Star's Debut

Mercedes Mone is officially a member of the AEW roster, and Dustin Rhodes was backstage to witness her debut. While speaking to "Sports Guys Talk Wrestling," the veteran explained how loud the crowd that attended "AEW Dynamite: Big Business" was on the night — and why that ovation signals promising things for the promotion's latest superstar signing.

"Her music hit, and it was deafening. The Boston crowd — they're always like that, but that's her home. She's from Boston, she loves Boston, and that crowd just blew the lid off of that place. It was great to see that, great to hear that. I'm happy for her. She came in because of our women's division because our women's division has gotten so good."

Since joining AEW, reports of Mone having backstage heat with some of the company's stars and higher-ups have circulated. This comes after she said that she would eventually return to WWE. However, Rhodes is delighted to have her in the company and only sees her benefiting the promotion and its women's division.

"To have all of these dream matches that she could set up and have with all of our talent, man, it's just incredible. I can't wait to watch her journey here. I've watched it from day one, have always been a big fan and I love her to death. She's coming into AEW and is only gonna do big business for us and it's truly a great time to be a wrestling fan."

Mone opened up about signing with AEW, noting that she chose the promotion to create history and help it grow. Furthermore, Mone is believed to have received a massive contract that has reportedly made her the highest-paid star in women's wrestling.