WWE Hall Of Famer Jake The Snake Roberts Offers AEW Contract Status Update

Jake "The Snake" Roberts has confirmed he's re-signed with AEW. The WWE Hall of Famer will address his new contract in a yet-to-be-released edition of his "Snake Pit" podcast, but SEScoops first broke the news. 

"Well folks, just to let you know, you're gonna be looking at me on AEW for another year. That's right, they re-signed me, so that's great news. Looking forward to doing it," said Roberts. 

Roberts previously signed a two-year extension with AEW in 2021 after first appearing for the company in 2019. He has since served on-screen as the manager for Lance Archer and, more recently, The Righteous, but he is also tied to AEW's community outreach program as a special advisor. Roberts has previously offered his services to operate within the creative team in AEW, and he further outlined an idea he planned to pitch to Tony Khan. 

"Crossing my fingers that — wouldn't [it] be something if we started the Snake Pit back up? Listen, I'd love to talk to Tony about that," he said before affirming, "I'm damn sure gonna pitch it." 

The return of his talk show segment wasn't the only idea he floated, either. He described wanting to do a cruise akin to Chris Jericho's Rock N' Wrestling Rager, albeit with his own spin. "Everybody's been on a Jericho Cruise, but have you been on the Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Cruise? That's on the way, folks, so get ready. We're gonna take it out on the Middle Ocean and do what I do."