Eric Bischoff Explains Why AEW Adding More PPVs Is A Bad Idea

AEW's pay-per-view schedule was always much more spread out than WWE's, with only four PPVs per year from 2020 to 2021. However, the promotion is slowly adding more events to its schedule, which Eric Bischoff believes is a bad idea.

While speaking on "Strictly Business," Bischoff explained that the move will ultimately put more pressure on AEW's creative team, which he believes is struggling. "I think the additional content, adding another pay-per-view, it's adding more creative pressure to a system and a process that's already overwhelmed. It's not working, it's not functioning, it's not a well-oiled machine."

Bischoff notably admitted that there has been some growth from what he can observe but again emphasized how much the move will affect the quality of AEW's creative. "I'm sure there's a lot of growth curve going on. People are learning, people are experiencing, but it is a mess, and I don't think anybody can argue that. Adding more content is only going to add more pressure to that process, and I think the overall quality of that product is going to suffer."

Despite this, he explained that AEW will ultimately know whether it's the right move by simply observing the market. "It's just going to be a matter of watching the revenue and watching it either grow every month or start to deteriorate every month, and the market will determine how much is too much." Booker T also commented on the move and had more positive things to say about AEW's new direction. Meanwhile, AEW boss Tony Khan believes adding more PPVs will lead to growth for the promotion.

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