Nic Nemeth, Formerly WWE's Dolph Ziggler, Discusses Experience In Gorilla Position

Having spent nearly twenty years in the WWE system before being released in September 2023, Nic Nemeth got to experience plenty, both good and bad. Among the latter experiences were times Nemeth found himself in the Gorilla Position, the staging area behind the curtain named after wrestling legend Gorilla Monsoon, after a performance some of the WWE higher-ups determined less than worthy.

In an interview with "Going Postl," the former Dolph Ziggler and host Dylan Postl, best known as former WWE star Hornswoggle, reflected on times that talents such as themselves endured comments from WWE front office personnel in Gorilla. The two confirmed that wrestlers would be shown clips from their matches of them messing up moves, from angles not seen on WWE broadcasts. This was something Nemeth felt was fine when it was friends roasting friends, but less so when certain higher-ups used it to try and get talents less air time.

"A lot of times, stuff like that is bust balls, and then you're like 'Hey, we know,'" Nemeth said. "'It's kind of cool that, 99 times out of 100, you're better than everyone else on the entire planet. You messed up this thing, so let's make a joke about it and roast you.' 

"But it's not your friends roasting you, it's a*****e office guys who don't like you and are looking for an excuse to take you off TV. So it's no longer a fun roast between friends, it's 'See, you did this one bad thing. That's why you can't be champion.' Sadly it's more that way than the fun roasting."

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