WWE's Roman Reigns Explains Why Cody Rhodes Isn't A 'Good Guy'

Less than two weeks remain until WWE WrestleMania 40, with Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes slotted to wrestle in the main event on the second night once again. Before defending his title against Rhodes next month, Reigns made a rare media appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show," sharing some of his thoughts on the story so far.

Reigns acknowledged the apparent shift that saw him go from a last-minute match against The Rock at WrestleMania back to the original plan of Rhodes. The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion believes himself against The Rock would've been a match for the ages, and Rhodes and his fans got in the way of that.

"That's the big gripe with Cody — he's a crybaby," Reigns said. "If the guys my age, ... that small minority of our WWE wrestling fanbase, weren't a bunch of b****es, crying the whole time, he would've never gotten that buzz, and y'all would have been just smitten with The Rock vs. the Tribal Chief."

Reigns' Storybook Ending

However, part of the nature of the wrestling business is adapting to change. Reigns said that he is able to roll with the punches, but a rematch against Rhodes isn't what he envisioned for this year's big event.

"For me, [The Rock] was the endgame," Reigns continued. "Let me go ahead and just make the final statement, put the stamp of approval, seal the deal. I beat The Rock, ain't nobody ever questioning what I've done here, and Cody took that from me."

While Rhodes is now attempting to finish his story, Reigns said that the second-generation star has now upset his own "storybook ending." Reigns feels that Rhodes' story has taken precedence even though Rhodes has spent much of the last eight years outside of WWE.

"Our society is a bunch of sheep," Reigns stated. "You can Jedi [mind trick] them and they're like, 'Cody's the good guy! Look, he signs autographs.' That guy's a politician."