WWE Star Drew McIntyre Discusses Aims To Help WHW Title Reach Its Potential

Drew McIntyre will have a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the upcoming WrestleMania, where he'll face reigning and inaugural champion, Seth Rollins, and he's confident that he'll walk away with the gold. 

In a recent interview with "The Masked Man Show," he made his intentions with the title clear. The "WWE Raw" star looked back at his victory at WrestleMania 36 and explained how the moment of winning, and the responsibility to elevate the title go hand in hand, which he believes Rollins isn't doing. 

"I don't hate Seth Rollins, he's not CM Punk — I just don't like the way he goes about things in his selfish attitude and he doesn't see it, he thinks he's a leader, but he's absolutely not, he's all about himself," said McIntyre. "A true leader is about the roster, is about democracy, and how can you lead the roster, lead the locker room if you're never in it and you're on your tour bus?"

Despite this, he still had some praise for Rollins and his title reign, but claimed that he's needed for the World Heavyweight Championship to reach its full potential. 

"For me, he's done a great job, a phenomenal job ... I don't know if anybody could've made the title into what it is besides somebody like him," said McIntyre. "I will finally have that world title I can take around and defend, it will be everywhere with me, it's gonna have a hell of a journey by my side." 

McIntyre admitted that he has a friend who clues him in on the latest social media trends, which is how his social media promos keep up with the latest memes.

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