Jim Ross Assesses WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan's Legacy In Pro Wrestling

Hulk Hogan has become a complicated figure in recent years, but one thing's for certain: you'd have to dig into the most remote parts of the Earth to find someone who hasn't heard of him. Whether viewed favorably or not, the name Hulk Hogan continues to reverberate in conversations related to wrestling's biggest stars. 

One would assume Hogan's legacy in pro wrestling would be cemented, but of course, it's not quite that simple. When it comes to Hogan's reputation, there's some patina on the silver. Most people are familiar with the Gawker scandal and racist remarks, but some of Hogan's peers have also gone on record about his arrogance and selfishness as a performer. The general feeling is that a discrepancy exists between Hogan's carefully-cultivated public image and the real man behind the bandana. On "Grilling JR", one fan asked legendary broadcaster Jim Ross what he thought Hogan's legacy is, despite the blemishes on his resume: 

"Arguably the biggest star in the history of pro wrestling. Still," Ross said. "There's not an eraser on any booker's pencil that's strong enough, big enough to erase Hogan's contributions." Certainly wrestling enjoyed big business with Hogan as its key figurehead, with Ross comparing him to another iconic athlete whose name transcended the sport he played. "He's Babe Ruth. He's the friggin' Babe Ruth of wrestling," Ross declared. "And any way else you look at it, I think's not being fair to Hogan." There were a few years where Hogan was considered persona non grata within WWE, but fences were mended as the controversy died down. Hogan and WWE maintain a working relationship that involves merchandising and the occasional guest appearance. Most recently he appeared in a video package to open Royal Rumble 2024.