Bayley Assesses The Impact Her WWE Faction Damage CTRL Has Had

The year is 2022. Vince McMahon has just retired for the first time, Triple H has been given the keys to WWE's creative kingdom, and with it comes an entirely new era of WWE. The Game's first Premium Live Event was that year's Summerslam, which not only saw Brock Lesnar flipping over the ring with a tractor, but also the returns of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and the woman who would become known as IYO SKY. forming the first incarnation of Damage CTRL.

Since that day, Asuka and Kairi Sane have joined the group, but Bayley has been ousted as its leader. However, that doesn't mean she has bad memories of the faction, stating in an interview with the Daily Mail that the group was always going to be special. "It's honestly bigger than I could have ever dreamed," Bayley said. "This Damage CTRL was something I thought was going to be huge from the very beginning. My plans for it was going to be like we had never had anything like it."

Bayley explained that no one had ever seen a women's faction like Damage CTRL before it was formed, and she had a clear vision for how the group was going to pan out. While admitting that she thought it was going to be hard to pitch an all-female faction like Damage CTRL, Bayley believes they will go down in wrestling history. "In these prime moments in our career for myself, IYO, Dakota and Asuka and Kairi, I feel like it's something that people are going to look back on, no matter what we do after this, no matter what everyone does in their careers after this, this Damage CTRL, these months are going be what people talk about when they talk about us."

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