Bully Ray Says The Rock's Presence In WWE Highlights Difference In Current Product

2024 has seen the return of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to WWE – not just onscreen, but having joined the TKO Board of Directors as well. Now that he's a prominent part of WWE TV again, some feel that The Rock is overshadowing the company's other performers. During a recent edition of "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray shared his thoughts on the situation.

"When you have The Rock, and Roman [Reigns], and Cody [Rhodes], and Seth [Rollins] out there at the same time, you can actually visually see and understand how much bigger the 'Attitude Era' was than this era," Bully said. "And I'm not talking about just generating money, because this era is actually generating more money than the 'Attitude Era,' but [it doesn't have] the larger-than-life superstar."

"Busted Open" co-host Mark Henry responded by stating that today's WWE performers are handcuffed by the fact that they have to maintain the PG rating. Meanwhile, The Rock has reportedly been afforded more leeway by WWE and networks for his words and actions. Bully disagreed, however, stating that the issue is instead a matter of star power.

"When you put The Rock in there next to Roman, who is the biggest star in the WWE right now, to me, it's night and day," Bully continued. "From a stature point of view, from a demeanor point of view, from just the character point of view."

Bully shared his belief that the wrestling stars of the 1990s simply had bigger personas compared to modern performers, citing "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Triple H in addition to The Rock. While Reigns is a "big dude," Bully stated that he loses his luster while in the ring with his cousin.

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