Nic Nemeth Says The Rock Is Making Roman Reigns Look Like A 'Little Brother' In WWE

The Rock has seemingly taken front-and-center in Roman Reigns' feud with Cody Rhodes, especially after last night's "WWE Raw," where he brutally attacked "The American Nightmare." Some fans think that Rock has hijacked the storyline, which Nic Nemeth agreed with during "Busted Open Radio." Nemeth claims that while Rock will naturally overshadow anyone else, his involvement is starting to lessen Reigns. "It does make Roman look like a little brother — a little bit... We had a year and nine months before The Rock of this two-year story, so I get it."

Nemeth continued, explaining how "WWE SmackDown" needs to be the night Reigns shines on the mic and gets the feud back on schedule. "He doesn't have to mimic The Rock; he doesn't even have to talk about him. This is a moment for him to be right back on schedule, let him say whatever he wants. This is the biggest story in the business, and this is the guy you have to beat."

Despite his criticism, Nemeth claims he's happy about Rhodes' storyline, but is concerned that fans are losing interest in the tension between "The Tribal Chief" and "The American Nightmare". "We all know The Rock's involved, we all know that the back and forth has only been Rock and Cody, let's get back to the championship match. I really think I want them to sell me on WrestleMania, not just watching on TV, why I need to be in the building for this moment?"

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