AEW Star Kenny Omega Recalls His Time In ROH, Feeling Like A 'Jobber'

Newer fans of professional wrestling will know Kenny Omega as a man who has conquered both AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling over the past decade, wrestling in some of the most critically acclaimed matches in history. However, fans who have followed his career for a long time will remember his appearances in ROH between 2008 and 2010, a time that Omega doesn't look back on too much as he doesn't think he was good while he was there.

During a recent Twitch stream, Omega was asked what he thought of the action figure that was released of him in his ROH days. He said it was cool and was asked by the company who emailed him what that version of his character was called, to which Omega responded by saying that he didn't have one.

"I didn't call him anything, he was a freaking jobber." Despite this, Omega does have some fond memories of working for ROH. "ROH Kenny was fun. I had a couple of good matches that I was really proud of, there's one three-way match against Bryan [Danielson] and Seth [Rollins]. I did a match against CD [Christopher Daniels] that I really liked. There's a couple of good ones, but generally speaking, I wasn't really proud of what I did there, it's a shame."

Omega did get the chance to rectify his lackluster first run in ROH thanks to the company's working relationship with NJPW in the 2010s. Returning to the promotion in 2016, he went on to win the ROH Six Man Tag Team Championships with The Young Bucks, and even wrestled a near 40-minute match with Cody Rhodes, in what is his most recent ROH match at the Supercard of Honor XII event in 2018.

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