Freddie Prinze Jr. Explains Why He And Triple H Didn't Get Along Great In WWE

Freddie Prinze Jr. has fashioned a fairly unique career path, making the unlikely transition from Hollywood actor to WWE writer after parlaying a blog into a job. From 2008-2009, Prinze was a member of the WWE creative team, where he had a hand in pitching stories for the top stars of that era. Two of those stars were Triple H and Jeff Hardy, and Prinze believes his dealings with these two were what soured his relationship with the former. Appearing on "The Masked Man Show," Prinze discussed the moment he thinks he lost favor with "The Game."

"Hunter and I, we didn't get on great when I worked there," Prinze confessed. "I was the guy that did the Jeff Hardy to champion storyline, and he was not [for] that. And he was right. Jeff wasn't in a position in his life to be the WWE World Champion in a publicly traded company, based on the life choices that Jeff was making at the time." Despite boatloads of charisma and booming reactions from fans, Hardy was battling demons at the time. As a result, his run as WWE World Champion didn't last long. "In hindsight, [Triple H] was right," Prinze admitted. 

Whatever rifts existed between Prinze and Triple H, Prinze acknowledged the positive impact Paul Levesque has had as WWE's CCO. Prinze believed he showed aptitude in this arena even back when it wasn't yet part of his day-to-day responsibilities. "He wasn't in a position to run creative, but should have been in that position all the way back then," Prinze said. "Like he would walk into the writers room, in like two seconds, see everyone's stories, go, 'Oh, maybe try this, maybe try that.' You can tell his influence now is heavy on the brand, and it's so much better."