WWE Star Becky Lynch Gets Candid About Relationship With Charlotte Flair

Onscreen, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair have become synonymous with each other, at times being the best of friends and the bitterest of rivals. That's also been the case offscreen, where the real-life relationship between the two WWE stars has ranged from very close to estranged, with some of their issues even spilling out onscreen and through the media.

In an appearance on "Rosenberg Wrestling," Lynch was asked about her current relationship with Flair, confirming that the two are currently in a good place. Lynch also touched upon how she dealt with talking about her issues with Charlotte in her new book, "Becky Lynch: The Man: Not Your Average Girl," which was released earlier this week.

"I think, in writing this book, at no point...I certainly did not intend to be disparaging against her, and I don't think I am," Lynch said. "I think I'm fair in trying to give her perspective in things, because I don't think it's fair to completely bury somebody in a book, especially when they're...in a world that's so subjective...they don't have the opportunity to defend themselves. So...I talk about our fallout. But I at least try to paint it from her perspective as well as from my own."

Lynch Recalls Working With Charlotte Flair Prior To Flair's Injury

Though Flair has currently been out of action for several months after suffering a knee injury in December, Lynch had the opportunity to work with Flair again as teammates, with the duo wrestling a tag team match on "SmackDown" in November, while also teaming together in WarGames with Bianca Belair and Shotzi to face Damage CTRL. Lynch says it wasn't difficult for the two to work together again, despite their past issues.

"It was easy because I think the undercurrent of all of it, fallouts and all, is love. You get more upset by somebody hurting you if you've loved them, or you do love them, than from somebody you had no relationship with at all. And that is the thing with Charlotte. We were best friends, we were like sisters.

"Then we fell out, wrestling came between us, then we came back together. Then there was the notorious fallout with the titles. But I think, throughout all of it, if she ever needed anything, I'd be there for her. And I think if I ever needed anything, she'd be there for me. And I think that trumps all."

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