Kevin Sullivan Explains Why Ricky Steamboat Was Never A Multi-Time World Champion

At the height of his career, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat was one of the most popular stars in the industry, however, despite his pull with the audience he never won another major title outside of the NWA World Championship. According to Kevin Sullivan on his "Tuesday with the Taskmaster" podcast, this is largely due to one fatal mistake Steamboat made in his career.

"Ricky is one of the greatest performers I've ever seen. The three matches with Flair were incredible," Sullivan said. However, according to "The Taskmaster" Steamboat's NWA WrestleWar 1989 entrance changed the fan's perception of him too much. "But when he came out with his wife in the homecoming outfit, with the crown on her head, the white dress, the spotlight on the white pony, and his kid sitting up there? He lost half the guys in the audience and every woman."

Interestingly, Bruce Prichard once commented on the same topic, and explained that he never saw Steamboat as a "top guy." Prichard went on to explain that despite having charisma and fabulous in-ring work that could wow the masses, "The Dragon" didn't have the verbal skills to be the biggest star on the roster. Additionally, Prichard opined that Steamboat's promos were not believable, and that even Steamboat didn't believe the things he said on the mic. However, like Sullivan, he maintained that Steamboat shone in the ring, and was capable of doing anything he was asked to do. 

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