Video: WWE Shares Supercut Of Feud Between WrestleMania 40 Main Eventers

For the last several months, WWE, and the wrestling world at large, has been dominated by the ongoing saga featuring Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and The Rock. Now, with only days left before the foursome square off at Night One of WrestleMania 40, with Rhodes and Rollins teaming up to face Rock and Reigns, WWE has made it easier on fans by putting every twist and turn of the storyline into one place.

On Wednesday, WWE posted a playlist on YouTube recapping the entire Rhodes/Rollins/Rock/Reigns program, starting all the way back in January, when Rock showed up on "Raw" and hinted at going after his current Bloodline ally Reigns. The playlist also featured Rhodes stepping aside to allow Rock to face Reigns on a late January "SmackDown," the WrestleMania 40 press conference in Las Vegas, where Rhodes changed his mind, Rhodes slapping The Rock, and the angle from this past Monday on "Raw," where Rock assaulted Rhodes in the pouring rain, busting "The American Nightmare" open.

While the playlist could see a few additions added, depending on how "SmackDown" and "Raw" go over the next few days, it properly sets the stage for a match that could heavily factor how Night Two of WrestleMania plays out when Rhodes challenges Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Per stipulations, a Rhodes/Rollins victory would ban the Bloodline from ringside on Night Two, while a Rock/Reigns victory would make the bout a "Bloodline Rules" match, allowing Bloodline presence at all times.

Meanwhile, Rollins has his own separate issues outside of the saga, as he's scheduled to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Drew McIntyre on Night Two. With his focus split between the Bloodline and McIntyre, WrestleMania arguably represents the greatest threat to Rollins' title reign yet.