AEW Boss Tony Khan Trades Shots With WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff

AEW CEO Tony Khan has once again engaged in a social media spat with WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff. Their latest interaction came as a result of the announcement that Bischoff's podcast, "Strictly Business", was set to conclude after this week's episode. Bischoff has been heavily critical of AEW throughout his time doing the show, and Khan used the announcement to launch a dig at the former WCW executive. "Sunsetting this fraud of a business podcast before the next AEW media deal is a wise choice," Khan wrote on X. 

Bischoff clapped back, aiming at the attendance figures for AEW's recent shows in Canada, "A money mark with no talent other than spending daddy's money, going all the way to Canada to draw less than 4k in one of the hottest pro wrestling markets in North America, talking about "wise choices"? Strap in. It's going to be a fun day!"

This isn't even the first time this year that Khan and Bischoff have shared jabs on social media, with the latter among the most verbal of the former's detractors. But some within the wrestling world have expressed disappointment towards the cancellation, including indie stars Joey Janela and Matt Cardona, along with many loyal listeners of the show. Bischoff and co-host Jon Alba started "Strictly Business" in April 2022, which features "Easy E" talking about the business side of wrestling through both historic — from his time working with WCW and WWE — and contemporary lenses. It's his comments towards AEW that have stirred up issues with Khan, marking a break down in the amicable relationship seen when Bischoff appeared in AEW during 2021. Fans can still listen to Bischoff on his "83 Weeks" podcast, co-hosted by Conrad Thompson.