Former Dolph Ziggler Wasn't Prepared For Reaction He Got To This WWE Moment

Nic Nemeth, who was previously known in WWE as Dolph Ziggler, is branching out of his former promotion for the first time in many years. Though he faded to the background at times, the Ziggler character was a part of WWE's programming from 2008 until last year, accomplishing quite a lot in that time. Appearing on "Busted Open Radio," Nemeth looked back on one of the biggest moments of his WWE career — when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract against Alberto Del Rio to win the World Heavyweight Championship in 2013.

"Coolest thing ever," Nemeth said. "I had no idea [it was happening] because ... I lose every night, I wasn't talking too much, I got beat up. I tried to cash in like 400 times and was kicked in the face every time. ... I got to a point where I go, 'This may not happen, and if it does happen, maybe they're gonna pull the rug out from underneath me, or maybe I lose it the next day.'"

However, the former WWE star believes the audience empathized with him at the time after seeing him go through so much adversity in the months leading up to the big win. As a result, the night became something special.

Ziggler Wins The World Heavyweight Championship

Going out there, Nemeth had no clue how he would be received considering he was a heel. Despite that, the crowd's reaction was immense. Though Ziggler and Del Rio would go on to have an actual match, the initial plan was much different.

"That afternoon, they said, 'Here's what's gonna happen,'" Nemeth continued. "Del Rio's gonna be hurt. Your music's gonna hit. You're gonna hit him with the briefcase five or six times in the ankle and you're gonna pin him.' That would've been so heartbreaking. That would've been so anti-climactic."

Instead of that, Nemeth pushed for a match with more emotional "ups and downs." He credits producer Jamie Noble as well as Del Rio for helping put the match together. To this day, Nemeth feels very proud of the performance that night.

"The reason everyone cheered so much is because they're the reason I was there in the first place," Nemeth said. "That was a very special thing that I wasn't prepared for. It hit me like 500 bee stings as I walked out on that ramp. And I go, 'Oh man, when they see the rest of this, they're gonna lose their minds.' And they did. And I will never be prouder of something."

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