Mandy Rose Reflects On Feeling Validated During WWE NXT Run

After a four-year run on WWE's main roster, Mandy Rose made a surprise return to the "WWE NXT" brand in the summer of 2021. Upon her resurgence, Rose solidified herself as not only the leader of Toxic Attraction, but also as the third-longest reigning "NXT" Women's Champion in WWE history. And for that, Rose remains forever thankful.

"I'm super grateful and humbled at the same time of my 413-day reign of being the NXT Women's Champion," Rose told "Monopoly Events". "I did [previously] mention that I don't think a title makes someone. However, I do think it can elevate them, and it kind of validates them in a way of just gaining that respect. Those 413 days, it was a long time. I beat many women that people probably wouldn't even think I would ever even face, like Meiko [Satomura] and Blair Davenport, all these amazing athletes that I accomplished in the ring and had the opportunity to work with. So it's definitely an honor."

While Rose's second "NXT" run contained many fond memories, its unceremonious end remains a source of mixed emotions. One night after losing the "NXT" Women's Championship to Roxanne Perez, Rose was abruptly released from WWE, leaving her Toxic Attraction stablemates — Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin — in an awkward, leaderless state. Luckily, Dolin and Jayne were eventually able to pivot to a new direction and establish themselves as solo stars. Meanwhile, Rose became a certified millionaire through the exclusive content posted to her FanTime page.

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