WWE NXT Star Scrypts Opens Up About His Rough Childhood, Upbringing

WWE star Scrypts first joined the company in 2020, debuting on the main roster as Reginald before eventually adopting his current name during a run in WWE NXT, where he remains today. Before joining WWE, Scrypts (real name Sidney Bateman) spent time as a circus performer, which he credits to helping him escape a difficult upbringing. During a recent appearance on "Grapple Glory" alongside WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, Bateman described his time growing up in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

"I got four sisters and three brothers," Bateman said. "Raised by a single grandmother. My mom died when I was three years old from drug abuse, and I never knew my dad."

Bateman credits his grandmother for ensuring that none of her family members were forced into the foster care system, keeping himself and all of his siblings together as they grew up. The WWE star said his grandmother wasn't the type of person to show outward emotion, which was passed on to Bateman and his siblings, but they always knew from their actions that they loved and supported each other.

"At a young age, ... about 6 or 7, I knew exactly where my life was headed," Bateman continued. "The only males in my family were drug dealers [and] gang members. ... Automatically, I said, 'Oh, this is what my life's supposed to be.'"

However, Bateman entered a program for "high-risk youth," where he was introduced to an older woman who eventually led him to his love for acrobatics. After a lengthy journey that included his circus career, Bateman eventually found his way to professional wrestling.

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